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•December 26-Nativity in the old part of town with the opening of the old shops, each of which will commemorate the ancient crafts.

March / April-Easter rites with solemn Good Friday procession.

• April 25- Celebration in honor of St. Mark the Evangelist and minifiera agriculture.

• July - Vintage Racing with parades Renaissance

• August- First decade -Festival Polta, a typical dish made of cabbage, potatoes and beans

14/15 August - Feast of Penne Arrabbiata


First Sunday of September - Celebrations in honor of Our Lady of Loreto and traditional Gypsy Race: 18:00 the competitors running barefoot down the hill Ardinghi, starting from the boulder flag placed on top of the hill, then back through a country lane to the Church of Our Lady of Loreto in the oldest part of Pacentro. The winners are carried in triumph through the streets of the country.

First Sunday of September - Race of Zingarelli in the same day around four o'clock in the afternoon the country's children aged six and older, will compete in a race through the streets of the country, always barefoot.
Trivia: We recall that the term Gypsy in pacentrano dialect, means "barefoot", "barefoot".

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